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Samsung Galaxy SmartTag, tracking tags to find nearby objects

Samsung's new location tags are now official, along with the Samsung Galaxy S21: Samsung Galaxy SmartTags offer a convenient and easy way to locate objects that are in a range of 120 meters. Two different versions and for single sale.

Are you one of those people who does not know where you left the house keys, never finds the remote control or who loses the backpack even at home? Well, Samsung comes to solve these problems with its Galaxy SmartTag, some Bluetooth-equipped tags that allow the tracking of nearby objects just by performing a search from the phone. Compact, comfortable to use and perfect to place on any object that tends to get lost.

Data sheet of the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

Samsung Galaxy SmartTags


40 x 40 mm


Bluetooth 5.0 LE
Ultra Broadband (UWB) on SmartTag +


CR2032 battery
220 mAh (depends on battery)


280 days approximately



Mobile app



34.90 euros

Samsung SmartTag

Up to 120 meters of range with search from mobile

Samsung Smarttag

Each tag allows the location of an object once the SmartTag has been placed on that object. With a square design, and with an opening to facilitate anchoring to what you want to find, it is enough to register the Samsung SmartTag with the SmartThings service so that can be located within a range of approximately 120 meters.

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The new Samsung labels have two versions: the normal SmartTag and the SmartTag +. Both are the same in design and functionality, but it is the improved model that allows a more precise location; all thanks to Ultra Broadband, a technology that improves location between devices.

IP53 resistance, made of plastic, with the option of being placed in a myriad of products, perfect for locating objects in a short range and also for finding the phone itself: SmartTags have a button for the paired mobile to be discovered. To achieve this function both must be within range and connected. And they can perform actions registered in SmartThings, such as turning on the house lights.

Samsung Smarttag

Samsung Galaxy SmartTags do not use rechargeable batteries as they instead make use of a CR2032 battery; that grants on paper an autonomy of 280 days. Once it runs out, you have to change the battery so that the labels continue to work.

Price and availability of the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

The new labels are now available in the Samsung store: they are priced at 34.90 euros. This cost is per unit: a single SmartTag comes in each package. We still do not know the price or availability of the SmartThings +.