Samsung Galaxy S21 vs iPhone 12: which is better mobile?

We compare the Samsung Galaxy S21 and the iPhone 12. What is the best mobile of the moment?

They are two of the most popular mobiles on the market, but curiously, neither of them is the main catalog leader of their respective brands. The Samsung Galaxy S21 and iPhone 12 are in the crosshairs of many consumers, and it is possible that there are those who are still not clear which to choose.

For that reason, today we want compare these two terminals in search of the most important differences that exist between the Samsung Galaxy S21 and the iPhone 12, to help you choose the model that most

iPhone 12 vs Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy S21 and iPhone 12, two of the best mobiles of the moment.

Design and lampshade: plastic and glass

In certain aspects, the Galaxy S21 and iPhone 12 share some traits when it comes to design.

Both are the more compact phones of their respective families - if we leave the iPhone 12 Mini out of the equation -, and both are available in a greater variety of colors than the rest of the variants.

In addition, the two have a display based on AMOLED technology with a Full HD + resolution. The main difference is found in relation to the panel refresh rate120 Hz on the Galaxy S21, and 60 Hz on the iPhone 12.

The two panels are protected by the latest version of Corning Gorilla Glass in both cases, and unlike what happened in previous years, we also have a flat screen both on the iPhon 12 and on the Samsung mobile.

The biggest difference in terms of design is found in the back of phones: The Samsung Galaxy S21 follows in the footsteps of the previous Galaxy Note20 and opts for a plastic shell, while Apple maintains its commitment to the glass, less resistant to drops and bumps, but considered more premium and pleasant to the touch.

Samsung Galaxy S21, screen on

The screen of the Samsung Galaxy S21.

Other important differences are the finish: matte on S21 and glossy on iPhone; the position of the rear cameras, in a vertical strip that blends into the metal bezel on the S21, and in a square module on iPhone 12; and the edges that surround the chassis of the phones, as Apple decided to bet on a straight format reminiscent of old models like the iPhone 5.

If we go to see their dimensions, we will see that we are before two quite similar devices. The iPhone 12 measures 14.6 centimeters high, 7.1 centimeters wide and 7.4 millimeters thick, while the Galaxy S21 maintains the same 7.1 centimeters wide, but grows in height and thickness up to 15 centimeters and 7.9 millimeters respectively. The weight also changes, of 171 and 164 grams for Galaxy S21 and iPhone 12 respectively.

Cameras: three, better than two?

Samsung has been trying for several years to catch up with Google and Apple in terms of photography, but with each new generation, American companies continue to gain the upper hand over Korean.

This year, Samsung has decided do not vary the formula too much, and instead focus on improving existing technology. Thus, we find a triple sensor on the back of the Galaxy S21, in a system formed by a 12 megapixel main camera, a camera ultra wide 12 megapixel, and a sensor that acts as a telephoto 64 megapixels.

On the iPhone, on the other hand, we find ourselves with a system similar to the previous iPhone 11, with a 12 megapixel main sensor, and an ultra wide angle camera of the same resolution.

Galaxy S21 cameras

The triple camera of the Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus is exactly the same.

In the absence of testing the Samsung model and being able to face the cameras of both models more carefully, the first tests agree that Apple wins the game again this year, thanks to a more natural image processing and consistent in most scenes.

However, Samsung stays with the throne in terms of versatility, thanks to the possibilities enabled by the 64 megapixel sensor, capable of capturing video at 8K resolution, and of capturing higher resolution images with a greater amount of detail.

Battery and performance: two different bets

With 4,000 mAh capacity in the Galaxy S21, and 2,815 mAh in the iPhone 12, differences in autonomy should be clear. But once again, Apple proves again that Numbers are not everything.

And it is that the greater efficiency of the motor that gives life to the iPhone 12, and the better integration of the software by Apple, make the autonomy of the iPhone 12 is far from being a problem, despite the fact that its durability has been diminished by the inclusion of a more energy-demanding 5G modem.

It is not that 4,000 mAh capacity of the Galaxy S21 are not enough, but the truth is that the results offered by both devices they won't be as different as you might initially expect.

iPhone 12 in blue

The back of the iPhone 12 in blue.

Besides that, it should be mentioned that, although neither terminal arrives with a charger in its box, the Galaxy S21 has a faster loading system than the iPhone. The same thing happens with the wireless charging system, faster in the case of the Korean model.

The reason why the Samsung Galaxy S21 does not include a charger or headphones

Processor and memory: the battle of the 5 nanometers

Both the Galaxy S21 and the iPhone 12 bet on a manufactured brain at home.

The 5-nanometer, 9-core Exynos 2100 is the processor built into the Samsung Galaxy S21, and comes with the aim of convincing the skeptics by leaving behind the custom cores by Samsung and bet on the same technologies and architectures present in the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888.

For its part, Apple takes its chest out with its exceptional chip A14, which has more than proven itself the most powerful mobile processor ever created, outperforming anyone else that comes his way in virtually any circumstance.

iPhone 12 white

The iPhone 12, in white.

In terms of memory, Samsung offers the Galaxy S21 in two configurations, both with 8 GB of RAM, but with 128 or 256 GB of storage to choose from. Instead, Apple maintains 4 GB RAM memory, and offers 64, 128 or 256 GB versions of your iPhone 12.

Connectivity: 5G for everyone

Whichever model you choose, without a doubt you will be ready to make the leap to 5G technology once it is sufficiently implanted.

And is that the processors that give life to these two models have integrated 5G modem, prepared for 5G SA and 5G NSA networks.

Samsung Galaxy S21

To that we must add connectivity Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5. In addition, we have NFC for mobile payments, with Samsung Pay or Google Pay on the Galaxy S21, and Apple Pay in the Apple terminal.

An important difference is found in the technology used for uploading and transferring data. Well, if Samsung continues to bet on USB Type C, Apple remains reluctant to jump to this system as it has done with many other devices, and instead re-integrates a Lightning port.

Other features

Although similar in certain aspects, the truth is that Samsung Galaxy S21 and iPhone 12 they are two radically different concepts. Mainly, because each one use a different operating system, and choosing one or the other forces us to enter the ecosystem Apple or Samsung and Google.

So choose which of the two models is better based on your software is practically impossible: it all comes down to whether you prefer Android version customized by Samsung with One UI 3.1, or if you prefer ios in its version number 14.

In that sense, it is worth noting that, while the Apple model has updates assured for around 5 years, Samsung model will update for three.

Samsung Galaxy S21 pink, rear

The Galaxy S21 in pink.

Other interesting differences are found in the protection methods of each device: Apple, once again, bet on Face ID, its facial recognition system, which in a time when masks accompany us everywhere, it has proven not as effective as it was in a more normal.

Instead, Samsung has introduced in its Galaxy S21 the second generation of the ultrasonic fingerprint reader developed by Qualcomm, faster and more precise when identifying our footprint.

If we talk about Audio, the two offer stereo sound, although only Samsung has the support from a specialist in the sector as is AKG to fine-tune the sound system of its latest terminal.

Samsung Galaxy S21 vs iPhone 12, which one should you buy?

If you have read this comparison, it is probably because You are not sure whether to choose Android or iOS as the operating system for your next terminal. In that case, your first mission should be value the pros and the cons of each of the platforms depending on your needs.

Once you have opted for a system, you should know that both iPhone 12 and Galaxy S21 They are one of the best options that exist on each platform, and neither of them is likely to disappoint you.

The iPhone 12 is proclaimed the winner of this comparison - narrowly - in terms such as the photo quality, video recording or performance, although it loses when facing the Samsung model in aspects such as the versatility of its cameras, the quality of the screen or the design - although the latter is an aspect totally subject to personal preferences -.

The two models are also available at very similar prices, of about 900 euros in its versions with 128 GB of internal storage, being the Samsung model slightly cheaper.