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Samsung eliminates the option to hide the front camera through software with the arrival of One UI 3.0

Little by little, more and more Samsung phone models are receiving the new version of the layer with which the Korean manufacturer spreads the Android operating system. As you may already know, this is One UI, which in the latest version already reaches number 3.0. A layer that has recently reached the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra or the Galaxy Note 10 and that hides some surprises that had gone unnoticed.

And it is that among all the improvements and novelties, a change appears that affects all those who do not see with good eyes the perforation of the camera on the screen or a photographic camera in the shape of a drop. If these, in previous versions of One UI could hide it by creating an "artificial" black band, this option no longer appears with One UI 3.0.

The camera, always visible


If yesterday we saw how the Galaxy S10 began to receive the new layer of customization from Samsung, now we know a change that affects the possibility of disguise the existence of the hole in the screen for the camera or the camera with a drop shape.

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According to, after updating, and if we go to the path "Settings"> "Screen"> "Full screen application"> "Advanced settings" we will not find the option to hide the notch of the camera on the screen.


A previously existing option that scrolls the UI elements down, creating the optical illusion of a thicker bezel and that allowed to hide the hole and that it resembled the one shown by telephones with frames.

From this option, you can no longer make use of the option "Hide camera crop" and the camera will always be visible once we update to One UI 3.0. And be careful, it does not seem that it is a solvable error like the one that affected the battery graphics. In the absence of knowing if it is a failure or an intentional movement, the truth is that it is an option that disappears from the menus.

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