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Samsung confirms a very positive Q4 of 2020 and grows strongly in the stock market

The South Korean giant flies on the stock market growing more than 7% after presenting the financial results of the last quarter of 2020 ... And in a few hours, the Galaxy S21 arrive!

At the beginning of the year everything It seemed to indicate that 2020 would also be a turbulent year for Samsung, fully immersed in a controversial succession after the disappearance of Lee Kun-hee and after having lived through a huge conspiracy that even affected high levels of South Korea, although finally nothing could be further from the truth, since the truth is that last year only brought positive news for Samsung at least in terms of results and finances.

And it is that the company had already announced at the end of the third quarter that his folding bet was working, and that its sales had grown 50% more in the heat of the boom of the mobile industry, which fell sharply for the first time in the last 15 years.

In any case, the arrival of the iPhone 12 for the fourth quarter complicated the scenario, although as we read in Bloomberg a few hours ago, it seems that Samsung has continued its growth in the fourth quarter 2020, announcing to investors its positive results and starring in a rally in a bag that has led to raise your valuation by more than 7%... And all this before officially teaching the Galaxy S21 in a few hours!

Samsung headquarters

A few hours after showing the new Galaxy S21, Samsung can also celebrate resounding success figures in 2020.

Samsung announces 8.2 billion operating profit in Q4 2020, although expectations were even higher

Analyzing the results published by the South Korean company itself, the truth is that not only the growth in smartphone sales and the success of its folding devices, much more expensive than the market average, has contributed to the good economic results, driven also by its leadership in semiconductor manufacturing, memory chips and other components.

So in terms of operating profit Samsung can boast of having grown by 26% in a turbulent year, very important figures in the pandemic scenario that we have lived, until registering a total of $ 8.24 billion in profit with consolidated sales of over $ 55.9 billion.

They are brutal figures, they have done raise Samsung stock more than 7% in recent days, although certainly we must also emphasize that the experts from the main consulting firms had higher expectations, up to $ 8.7 billion in operating profit.

Be that as it may, I'm sure to this rally The proximity of Unpacked 2021 has also contributed to the stock market in which we will meet the Galaxy S21 in all its flavors and with all its new accessories, devices destined to command the Android catalog in the coming months while fighting with Apple and its iPhone 12 for the hegemony of the mobile industry.

It seems that 2020 was undoubtedly a very good year for Samsung's interests and its shareholders, although Apple's entry into the 5G world and increasingly aggressive Chinese manufacturers seeking to fill Huawei's hole sure they make it very complicated in 2021 that the South Korean firm wanted to start shooting before anyone else ... Let's see what they have prepared for us on Thursday, and if the Galaxy S21 deliver as promised!

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