Parler, the social network for "freedom of expression", has stopped working after the veto of Amazon's servers

Amazon has fulfilled its promise to disconnect the servers that allowed Parler to function. This social network, self-defined as "freedom of expression", has been used by followers of Donald Trump in recent weeks, and especially days, after the measures taken by platforms such as Twitter and Facebook after the assault on the United States Capitol .

Parler, therefore, has stopped working. The web is not accessible and the applications are not functional.

Parler's website is not accessible and its applications are not functional

If your apps first disappeared from the Google and Apple app stores by, according to the companies, include their rules regarding content moderation, now the platform cannot continue providing its service because it has been disconnected from the Amazon Web Services servers that it used.

"We are likely to be blocked more than expected"


This situation will not be resolved soon, according to the head of the social network, John Matze, who in statements to Fortune has said that "It is likely that we are blocked more than expected".

The executive defended himself against the accusations by Apple and Google by ensuring that they did have a content moderation policy and that they apply rules against violence and illegal activities. while charging against the technological saying they would not give in "to politically motivated companies and authoritarians who hate free speech."

From Amazon they pointed out that Parler "cannot effectively identify and eliminate content that encourages or incites violence against others"

Parler is the social network of 8 million users that champions freedom of expression. And it's already censoring

From Amazon they told Parler that they could not "provide services to a customer who cannot effectively identify and remove content that encourages or incites violence against others." This decision caused other providers of the social network to stop working with them.

This controversy joins the last tweets of Donald Trump before the suspension of his accounts, including the institutional one belonging to the person who holds the position of US president, in which he raised the possibility of creating his own platform in the near future.