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One Outlook, the 'web app' that seeks to end PC and macOS clients, is released in a preview version

Microsoft is working on a project that aims to end the current versions of Outlook for Windows and macOS (as well as the Windows 10 Mail and Calendar application) by lighting a web app unified call One Outlook.

What the so-called Monarch project would mean, we learned a few days ago and today, thanks to a leak, We can now take a look at this new version of web-based Outlook and that it would be able to run on both operating systems normally.

The One Outlook interface is familiar, without any particularly striking elements

New Outlook, familiar appearance

It was a Twitter user, @jessejarvi, who has posted a tweet —First reported by On MSFT- in which we can see a screenshot of the One Outlook interface running on a Windows 10 computer. A version that, from what we can see in the image and it is easy to assume, is intended for its own development.

The interface is familiar in general terms, without any element that attracts special attention. Especially if we regularly use Outlook from the web. If we are used to desktop clients, perhaps we will see a greater evolution in its appearance and a clear differentiation with respect to the more classic interface of this program.

The idea of ​​offering a universal application will, in principle, facilitate the development of Outlook since it will be easier to implement changes

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Since it is in the early stages of its development, despite being based on the web version of Outlook, the PWA that any user can install, for now It can only be used if you have an internal Redmond account. Per Microsoft's warnings in installation instructions we can deduce that it is in a very embryonic stage. In fact, the arrival of One Outlook is believed to occur as early as 2022.

From here, the idea of ​​offering a universal application will make things easier for the technology company. The development of Outlook will be unified to a great extent, it will be easier to deploy news and also correct bugs without notably different versions coexisting. However, if the plans finally go ahead and this replacement is consummated, it remains to be seen how the transition between the clients and the web version will be made, as well as how One Outlook will work by integrating into Windows and macOS.