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Now we can download themes for Microsoft Edge and customize the browser to our liking

Microsoft Edge is having a very good time. Since the browser became based on Chromium it has taken a huge turn in terms of performance and usability. It offers an excellent user experience, and for many it has become their main browser, this server included along with 600 million other users, according to Microsoft.

One of the great advantages of this Edge compared to the classic, is that in addition to being multiplatform being available on Windows, Linux and macOS (also iOS and Android), it obviously has support for Chrome extensions, and it has its own add-on store, where we can now also find themes.

The official Microsoft themes for customizing Edge

Microsoft Edge Theme

Some weeks ago Microsoft published a Themes section in the Edge add-on store, but it was not possible to access it if you were not in preliminary versions of the browser, however that has changed very recently and now we can install themes in the stable version of Edge.

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Chrome has its official themes, third-party and customization options to even create your own, but these options did not exist in Microsoft Edge, and a bit of alternatives for the user in terms of the appearance of the browser never hurt.

Microsoft Edge Add-on Store

For now only there are 25 themes available, all offered by Microsoft itself, although it is likely that soon we will begin to see more topics from third parties or from the same company. Most are related to company products, especially video games like Microsoft Flight Simulator or Halo, but they are quite nice.

These topics only change the color of the browser interface and the background of the home page, is a bit more detail than what changes when we choose a different accent color in Windows 10, something that only changes the upper pane of the windows.

Microsoft Edge Themes

To change the theme you just have to enter this link and click on "Get" next to the theme you want to test, if you don't like it you can undo the changes immediately, and if you want to delete it later or return to the default, you can do it from the Appearance section in Edge Settings, or by going directly to this URL: edge: // settings / appearance