Nova Launcher 7 beta now available for download, with new animations, renewed appearance and more changes

Nova Launcher is undoubtedly one of the best Android app launchers. This veteran pitcher has thrown the version 7.0 Beta in the beta program of Google Play, in which he receives a well-deserved facelift.

The main novelty of Nova Launcher 7.0 Beta is that it is based on the latest Launcher3 from AOSP, so renew appearance and animations more up-to-date. Also, take the opportunity to introduce some new functions.

Animations and fresh look


Nova Launcher is an excellent launcher, although time is not wasted for it, just like any other application. Over time, Nova Launcher had begun to have a certain stale aftertaste, especially if we compare it with other more recent alternatives. That finally changes in Nova Launcher 7.

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As the announcement said, Nova Launcher 7 is renewed on the inside, and it shows on the outside. Version 7 is based on the latest AOSP Launcher3, from which it inherits a Latest look and animations. The change is both subtle and obvious, applying to the entire application and includes important changes such as the tab to add widgets-

Save APK


For many versions now, Nova Launcher allows you to customize the elements that appear in the context menu by long-tapping an app. The latest version adds APK saving, although it is not activated by default.

Once added, you can use Nova Launcher to save the APK of any application that you have installed, without using any additional application. When using this menu, a file manager application is used to choose where you want to save the APK file.

More styles for folders


The latest versions of Nova Launcher included several additional shapes for the adaptive icons, but the folders were still stuck in the same usual suspects. Nova Launcher 7 adds new styles for folders.

Specifically, you have two grid styles and two grid styles radial icon groupings, in addition to the options that existed before. Also, Nova folders have revamped animations and can be paginated when they contain many applications.

More customization in the search bar


Nova Launcher's search bar receives new customization options, in addition to being able to be included at the bottom of the app drawerwhereas before it could only be at the top. Another section that can go down is the tabs.

These news are part of Nova Launcher 7 Beta, although it still does not seem to be being distributed on Google Play for most users. If you want to test the version before anyone else, you can download the latest version APK from APKMirror.

Via | Android Police