Motorola confirms the "Edge S", its new high-end mobile with Snapdragon 800 processor

A post from a senior Lenovo official on Weibo opens a whole range of speculation.

Since Lenovo has bought Motorola, the American firm has experienced a reborn in the smartphone market. For some time now, we have seen how over the months more terminals have arrived on the market under his signature and, in addition, how these are distributed among the different segments.

The upper-middle range has not been exempt from new Motorola members either. A few months ago we saw the arrival of the Motorola Edge with hope, but also with the feeling that perhaps his time had already passed. Now, a few months later, Lenovo and / or Motorola, whatever they want to call it, are preparing the ground for the launch of a new version of this curved screen terminal, the Motorola Edge S.

Without official nomenclature but with unofficial confirmation

Motorola Moto Edge

This is how the Motorola Edge looked.

Although the name is still unknown, the experts from the other side of the continent they point to the "Edge S" as a substitute for the "Edge +". In any case, it has been Lenovo's own general manager in China, Chen Jin, in a post on Weibo who has officially communicated the company's plans: there will be high-end Motorola in the very near future.

"The new series is coming soon, The new flagship is coming and the Snapdragon 8XX is stable. The new experience advances every day, it will come soon ”, could be read in the publication accompanied by an image with the Motorola logo.

But, the most interesting thing about the post is not the content itself, which also, but the device from which it was published. If we trust the social network, the post was written from a Motorola Edge S, a phone that not officially on the market yet but that, obviously, yes in development.

lenovo weibo post

Screenshot of Lenovo China General Manager Chen Jin's post that reads “sent from Motorola Edge S”.

Of course, we do not believe this post was random. Very rarely, in fact, these kinds of "leaks" are. Chen Jin has set us the hook and .. have we taken? We do not think there will be too many days to check.

What could happen is that the “Edge S” nomenclature would be restricted to China, launching in other markets within a series much better known by users as the “Moto” range.