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more privacy in your home

For two years we can use the Google Assistant without an account, a kind of incognito or guest mode which now reaches the household devices, as the company announced last October.

This new feature was born as a new response to Google's responsibility in respect our privacy. Last year they stopped saving our recordings by default and launched the sensitivity adjustment to reduce unintentional triggers.

This is the guest mode of the Google Assistant

To give us greater control of our privacy When using your Google Nest Mini, Nest Audio or Nest Hub, among other compatible speakers and displays, the Google Assistant premieres a voice command what turn off search history.

So you can ask the Google Assistant to read you the news, articles or posts from the web pages

When we use the Google Assistant In a speaker or smart screen, all our actions are recorded in our search history, so if we do not want a query to be saved in our account, the only option we had until now was to eliminate our activity with our voice, or at least for the users who use the Assistant in English.

With the new command in English "Hey Google, turn on Guest Mode", the Google Assistant will stop saving our activity on compatible speakers and displays. We can keep asking questions, controlling home devices, setting timers, and playing music, but will not show personal resultssuch as calendar events or contacts.

When we activate the guest mode, the device will play a special ringtone and it will show guest icon on the screen. To make sure that the guest mode is activated, you can ask the Google Assistant "Is the guest mode activated?".

The Google Assistant will stop saving our activity until we decide to deactivate the guest mode. To get back to enjoying the full Assistant experience with your personalized responses, just say "Hey Google, turn off guest mode."

The guest mode is useful when we have a visitor at home and we do not want your queries to be saved in our Google account, or that your answers give personal information. This mode is also practical so that the Google Assistant does not show suggestions on the screen that could ruin a surprise, such as suggestions for recipes that you want to make to surprise your family.

Google confirms that this new mode only works in english and on your family device Google Nest, but in the coming months it will reach more languages ​​and more devices.

Via | Google