Mobile phones with a facial unlocking sensor under the screen are here

Many manufacturers are already working to integrate face unlock under the screen in their terminals.

The technology consisting of implanting sensors under the screens of smartphones began with the fingerprint sensors under the screen, which are now present in many Android phones, continued with the front cameras under the screen, there is even a terminal that integrates them: the ZTE Axon 20 5G and now the face unlock sensors under the screen.

Soon we will be able to see the first terminals with facial unlocking under the screen

Soon we will be able to see the first terminals with facial unlocking under the screen

This technological innovation will reach the first mobiles in 2022

According to Android Authority that collects the statements of those responsible for Trinamix, the company responsible for the development of the facial unlocking sensor under the screenWe will be able to see this technology at work very soon.

Redmi will be the first brand to launch a fingerprint reader under the functional LCD screen

The company itself confirmed to this medium that this improvement stands out for the use of data to analyze the face since in addition to capturing the infrared light with a pattern of dots, they use a technology called "Beam Profile Analysis" (Analysis of the profile of the face) that serves to measure both the distance and the material of the analyzed object.

This means that this sensor will be totally safe for all types of procedures such as paying with your mobile since it also incorporates a skin detection system which will ensure that there is a real person trying to unlock the terminal and thus prevent the terminal from being unlocked with a photograph.

Trinamix has claimed that there is several mobile phone manufacturers that are already working to incorporate this technology in its terminals with OLED screen although it has not yet revealed any name.

The company has confirmed that the first terminals with this novelty will arrive in the first half of 2022 but before we can see a demonstration of this facial unlocking sensor under the screen in the Mobile World Congress Shanghai, a face-to-face event similar to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​which will be held in the Chinese city between February 23 and 25.

The Mobile World Congress 2021 will be in person, or at least that is what the Generalitat wants

This technological innovation will allow us take advantage of the entire screen surface without notch or holes in the upper part without losing the function of face unlock although we will have to wait to see it in operation to see if it fulfills everything it promises.