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mobile app business grew 30%

The pandemic brought half the world into their homes and the mobile market has noticed it, with the business of apps and games growing above 30% in the past year ... 2020 was not going to be bad for everyone!

It is already known that in a troubled river there is always profit for fishermen, and although in this case it is not that the developers of mobile apps and games have looked for it directly, the truth is that the pandemic and mass lockdowns in 2020 have brought you the best news possible for your industry.

As is usual at each end of the course, the Sensor Tower experts tell us with explanatory data and graphics, which were already anticipated given the situation but now confirm what we all thought about the best year for the mobile apps and games business in the last exercises of the historical series.

In fact, it is that spending on app stores has grown by 30% year-on-year in 2020 with respect to the data recorded in 2019, really significant figures that we now describe in greater detail ... And it is that 2020 was not going to be a bad year for everyone!

Offers on Google Play Store

The pandemic animates the mobile market, with apps and games growing in sales by 30% in 2020.

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The confinements and the necessary home entertainment encouraged the mobile app and game stores

The figures published by Sensor Tower consultants leave no room for doubt, with $ 111 billion of revenue on the App Store and Google Play, growing an almost incredible 30.2% from the 85.2 billion in 2019.

It is curious to notice how Apple's platform doubles in revenue than Google's, with 72.3 billion dollars on iOS compared to 38.6 billion collected by Android. It's been happening for years now, it's no surprise, but it seems the gap is growing too in this sense between the two dominant mobile ecosystems.

The app market in 2020

Spending on mobile applications in 2020, with an increase of 30.2%.

Also grew app installations on mobile devices, specifically 23.7% since 2019, gross figures that totaled in the 12 months of 2020 until 143 billion apps installed for the first time, with a detail that you will already be waiting for.

Yes friends, Google Play does not receive half as much revenue as the App Store, but it almost triples the number of installations making it clear that Android users are looking for free or model apps freemium, also showing that There is not as much variety of free applications on iOS as on Android, which also takes over the market for basic mobiles for less advanced users.

The app market in 2020

The figures for unloading raw at a global level also grow, specifically 23.7%.

You will have already seen it, 108.5 billion applications were installed in the Google Play Store for the first time on Android mobile devices, while “Only” 34.4 billion apps installed were registered from the App Store on iPhones or iPads.

The app market in 2020

Mobile video game downloads in 2020, with a 32.9% year-on-year growth.

Obviously, this same trend in terms of gross installations confirmed in the case of mobile games, which grew 32.9% to 56.2 billion games installed, with Google Play far ahead with 46.1 billion, leaving Apple's App Store with 10.1 billion games installed on iPhone or iPad ... It is almost a fifth!

The mobile apps and games business is growing in general, but incidentally confirms a clear trend: Apple and its iOS platform collect more money, but Android dominates the numbers of installed apps because its penetration rates at a global level are much higher

The app market in 2020

Spending on mobile video games also grew on the planet, 26% in this case.

The monetary income in this case returns the hegemony to those of Cupertino, although in their case the distance is reduced. In 2020, businesses related to mobile games grew by 26%, until registering figures of $ 79.5 billion not negligible.

iOS grew 25.3% from $ 38 billion to $ 47.6 billion, while Android games grew by 27.1% from 25.1 billion to 31.9 billion dollars.

It seems that the business of applications and games for smartphones is booming and has not reached its ceiling, showing that there is still business margin as the big developers, especially in the case of video games, begin to discover mobile platforms... If even Nintendo has given up, because with our mobile we all carry a console in our pocket!

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