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Microsoft Teams for Education reaches 200 million users and announces the arrival of improvements for education

A few days ago, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, stated that Microsoft Teams would soon be "as important as Internet browsers", a statement that sounds partly like a prediction and partly like a declaration of intent.

And it is that Nadella suggested that Microsoft is looking, when developing it, in the mirror of what WeChat represents for Chinese users: there "WeChat is the Internet, that would be a good example".

Thus, he stressed that Teams is transforming into something beyond a mere communication tool, becoming an "organizational layer" of other online services.

And precisely one of the versions of MS Teams, Teams for Education, which is currently the flagship of the Microsoft for Education platform, which, as the company revealed yesterday at the Bettfest 2021 event,currently has 200 million users, including managers, teachers and students.

How is a Chromebook in 2020 when using it to study

Since governments around the world began to take action against the pandemic, and the different educational systems were forced to jump on the e-learning boat overnight, the relevance and usage of Teams for Education has increased at a rate similar to that of MS Teams for Business.

Microsoft for Education enhancements

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The main objective of the Bettfest has been to present different hardware devices focused on the school environment, such as Microsoft Pen 2 and a whole catalog of low-cost laptops (starting at $ 185) with Windows 10, a very necessary bet before the rise of Chromebooks in recent months.

However, they have also presented some news regarding their educational cloud platform. Thus, for example, they have announced for next spring the integration in Teams for Education of your new Reflect tool designed to "create a space for students to navigate while expressing themselves about what affects them at school and outside of it"

Reflect will also be integrated with Education Insights, the app that allows teachers to monitor all online activities in which their students participate, as well as their progress with them.