Microsoft Teams and Outlook are already friends and you can finally drag files between them

If you work in an Office 365 environment, you will be very happy when we tell you that you will finally be able to drag files between Teams and Outlook.

It is no secret that the pandemic has already changed the planet, that teleworking is here to stay especially in some sectors, and that this new way of working has brought us new routines, new interfaces and also new applications that in Andro4all we have even wanted to collect in case some help you in your day to day.

In fact, many have already looked for devices such as tablets to work from home in a more comfortable and efficient way, while some manufacturers such as Jabra have even worked hard to certify headphones such as the EVOLVE2 85 that we have tested in Andro4all for mobile apps. collaborative teleworking like Teams, which is the app with which Microsoft has finally found the way to fully penetrate our professional lives, recovering part of the credibility lost by Windows over the years.

Microsoft Teams

Teams is Microsoft's flagship app for collaborative and remote work

And it is that indeed Microsoft Teams works great integrating wonderfully into any work environment, with familiar and friendly interfaces in the purest Office style and offering in a single application all the power of instant messaging, video calls and meetings, as well as work groups with access to repositories, wikis and much more.

So you can use Microsoft Teams to call and chat with family and friends

Five years later, Teams and Outlook are finally integrated to the joy of all

It was not then too understandable that with such good integration, Microsoft Teams does not allow you to drag and drop files or messages directly into Outlook to attach them to our emails, so surely this news you will be happy if you work with Office 365 environments and the suites Microsoft software.

It was a fierce request from users since 2016, and the Redmond giant has complied late even if the happiness is good. Finally, years later, they have announced in their support forums that Microsoft Teams integrates more and better with Outlook to offer support to drag & drop of files so requested:

Microsoft enables file copy / paste between Teams and Outlook

Users ask and Microsoft provides: you can finally drag files between Teams and Outlook!

Basically, the new functionality comes for make life easier for all workers that have their groups integrated in Teams, because finally it will be possible to drag files from Teams directly to an email in Outlook, to automatically attach it and be able to send it to someone external or to a partner without access to Teams.

Five years and 11,500 votes have been to blame, and although it is true that Microsoft announces the functionality has not explained how it will arrive, or when or in what specific version of Teams, which has undoubtedly already become the star service of the window giant.

They have also reported that given the prolonged periods of confinement that we have been experiencing and will continue to live in these coming months, Teams will increase the maximum size of files that can be uploaded to 250 GB per file, in addition to announcing the next arrival of Dynamic view, the functionality that automatically resize and arrange windows in a video call taking into account the content shown ... Good news!

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