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Microsoft Edge 88 Arrives with Tabs on Hold, Sidebar Search, Password Generator, and More

Microsoft Edge 88 is here available on Windows and macOS. The new version of the browser is one that arrives loaded with news with more than one useful function in between. From new quick searches in the sidebar, to integration with Outlook, password suggestions, improvements in synchronization and saving resources.

If you are already a browser user, you just have to go to Settings using this URL: edge: // settings / help and check for updates. Or, you can download it from its official website if you use macOS, iOS or Android. Unfortunately, the version for Linux is still in the preliminary phase and does not have the same characteristics as those of Windows and Mac, so it does not receive the same news.

"Sleeping eyelashes"

Tabs On Hold

One of the most useful novelties that come with Edge 88 are the tabs on hold or "sleeping tabs", a function that basically serves to save memory and avoid installing famous extensions like The Great Suspender.

Standby tabs can be enabled from System Configuration under the "Save resources" section. From there you can choose the inactivity time for a tab to be inactive, this ranges from 5 minutes to 12 hours. When a tab is inactive, it stops consuming browser resources, but it retains its current "frozen" state until we return to it.

Now we can download themes for Microsoft Edge and customize the browser to our liking

Sidebar Search

Sidebar Search

With Edge 88 it's now possible select any segment of text within a tab, and by right clicking on it we will see an option called "Search in Bing sidebar". If we select it, a panel will open on the right with the search results.

It is something useful and that can save time, and if you have complaints that it is only used with Bing and not with Google, Microsoft's search engine is not bad at all and it does its job in most cases.

Password hints, tab syncing, Outlool integration

Password Suggestion

As with Chrome, Microsoft has now added its own strong password suggestion system to Edge. It works the same, when you register on any website, you can click on the text input box to generate a secure password.

The password is also automatically saved and filled in between devices thanks to synchronization. Notable sync has improved with Edge 88, now in addition to syncing passwords, bookmarks, and form information, Edge will also sync your tabs and browsing history across all your devices..

Another novelty that will appear with Edge 88 is the new Outlook smart icon, one that you can add to the Edge home page as a quick link. Unlike any bookmark you have there, the Edge icon will allow you to quickly see the last three emails received or start writing a new email or start a new event in a couple of clicks.

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