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maybe it will arrive with Android 12

Almost a year ago, we echoed the possibility that Android 11 included a new gesture: make a double tap on the back of the mobile it could open the Google Assistant or other customizable functions. The final version of Android 11 arrived, and the double tap was nowhere to be found.

A year later, history repeats itself. According to information that 9to5Google has had access to, Google has thought implement double tap on Google Pixel with Android 12, as a spiritual heir to Active Edge.

Pat on the back to perform actions

Under the codename Columbus, the Zombieland character who popularized the "double tap," Google has been working, for at least a year, on a system to perform actions after double tap on the back of the mobile.

All the news of Android 11

In this way, by double-tapping the back of the mobile, you can open the Wizard or run some other tasks, customizable, such as stop or continue playback, take a screenshot or open the recent view or the notification panel.

A novelty with respect to last year's test that came to nothing is that, this time, it would be possible set the sensitivity with which double tap is recognized, useful to prevent accidental bumps from being recognized when handling the mobile.

Double-tap gestures are, in principle, a exclusive function of the Google Pixel, which could arrive in Android 12, in a future Feature Drop or perhaps it will remain in the pipeline again for another year. We may know more about it soon, as the first Android 12 Developer Preview should arrive next month.

Via | 9to5Google