make your Xiaomi mobile easier to use

The latest revision of Xiaomi's custom cape introduced a reduced mode that improves the visibility of all elements on the screen. The aforementioned mode, known as lite, adapts the interface to a more minimalist style, with large icons and also with larger text. It is perfect for those looking for easy use.

MIUI 12 includes endless adjustments and customizations, all to allow such a wide number of possibilities that two Xiaomi may not look alike even having the same system version. And one of the novelties that the brand recently introduced is the Lite Mode, a 'lightweight' interface that is perfect for reducing phone complications. Do you want to know how to activate it? Well, it is as simple as the interface itself.

Compact interface, large icons and larger text

Miui 12 Lite mode Lite mode activated on a Xiaomi mobile

He MIUI 12 lite mode it follows in the wake of similar interfaces in other systems, such as the Simple mode of Samsung mobiles or the Simple mode of Huawei phones. It is aimed at the elderly who want to access the different options of the phone more comfortably, it also simplifies the experience. And offers a notable improvement in accessibility.

How to configure an Android mobile for the elderly

To activate the lite mode of MIUI 12 you must perform the following steps:

  • Go to the settings of your Xiaomi mobile and enter 'Special functions'.

  • Go to 'lite mode'.

  • Click on 'Activate lite mode' and the simple interface of MIUI 12 will start working.

  • To return to full mode, follow the same steps until you click on the 'Deactivate lite mode' button. Also, the option to disable the simple interface also at the top of the settings menu.

Miui 12 Lite mode

The aforementioned lite mode reduces the grid of desktop applications, eliminates navigation gestures, increases the size of text and icons and deactivate the app drawer. The interface changes its style to be more visible; without thereby reducing excessively the possibilities offered by MIUI 12.