Loudreader is an ebook reader for the browser that lets you read EPUP, MOBI and AZW3 files without having to install anything

Unless your e-books are in PDF format, it is difficult or almost impossible for you to open them directly from the browser. The most popular ebook formats like EPUP, MOBI, or AZW3 usually require specialized software.

Although there is a wide variety of book readers for Windows, Linux or macOSLike the legendary Caliber, for example, not everyone wants or needs to install complex and additional software, but something that can be used to read content instantly with just a browser tab and that's it. That's what Loudreader offers.

"The only functional ebook reader within a browser"

Ebook Reader Browser

Unless that's what the web says, and since we haven't discovered any other site that does the same (at least for now), we temporarily accept it. Loudreader itself is a functional ebook reader within your browser, with that part it fulfills perfectly.

The site supports AZW3, EPUB, MOBI, and PDF. All you have to do to open an ebook is drag the file to the page in any browser, or click on the "Open File ..." button at the top right and browse through your folders until you select the one you want to show.

Aquile Reader is a great ebook reader for Windows 10 that allows us to download thousands of books for free from the web

Loudreader supports using the keyboard arrows or clicking the mouse wheel to turn the pages, it has a side menu with the table of contents of the book, allows to change the font size, you can read by adjusting the text to one page or two pages, or even read the book without paging and just scrolling to the end.

Overall the tool is good, but not perfect. If we reload the web it does not remember where we left off, we cannot keep a history, bookmarks, or manage a library, the text options only offer size plus no spacing or background color, or different font types.

For all that, you do have to install an external app, but it is a good place to bookmark in case you have the need one day, and its creator is considering adding more functions in the future, and accepting suggestions.

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