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Lost Light for Android, the new third-person shooter, will begin testing at the end of January

NetEase recently announced the launch of a new mobile game to its already extensive catalog: Lost Light begins its journey towards telephones with a closed beta starting in New Zealand and Australia. After this beta, the aforementioned game will land on Android, also on iOS.

It is not that on Android we are just about shooters since we have a large collection of them. In the first person, third, online, with history, in the form of battle royale... And with a great graphic invoice, that smartphones present a visual aspect that is not too far from what can be seen on the console (saving the distances, logically). However, there is always room for a new title, like Lost Light, the next thing from NetEase. It is arousing great anticipation.

Survival shooter with great graphic quality

Lost light

At the moment we do not know too much about this new NetEase title since its presentation is extremely recent. The developer extends the games it offers on mobile phones with a third person shooter with a special emphasis on survival. On paper it is an evolution of another of NetEase's games, Badlanders.

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Lost Light will offer fast-paced games in a hostile environment where it will be necessary to survive based on alliances, battles and, of course, also certain doses of infiltration. Search for supplies, location of hiding places where to avoid being located, trade with other players, customization of the equipment and a large weaponry made available to the contestants, all in great detail. In fact, NetEase places particular emphasis on how you recreated key aspects of the game, from weapons to stages.

We will still have to wait until it is available to download Lost Light, but we can open our mouths by accessing the pre-registration page: NetEase will promptly notify as the game can be downloaded. Further, The closed beta will begin next January 28; first in New Zealand and Australia.

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