LG already works on a laptop with a roll-up screen

The future of laptops could be rolled up displays.

In the technology market one cannot waste time. Brands are constantly looking for innovation in their products and this is shown by some examples such as folding telephones or future roll-up models.

Of course, we have to emphasize that there is a firm that seeks innovation above anything else. It's about LG and it's that The South Korean woman has become famous not only for her more than decent smartphones, but also for its crazy shapes such as the LG Wing whose full analysis you can consult below.

However, the field of mobile telephony is not the only sector where LG seeks to innovate, because as we have been able to know through some Twitter users, LG would have patented a laptop with a feature that would make it really special: a laptop with a roll-up screen.

This would be the rolling laptop from LG

Rollable laptop

LG's first roll-up laptop could be a reality sooner rather than later according to this patent

The roll-up screens is nothing new because there are few rumors that claim that this 2021 we would see a roll-up smartphone, also from LG.

Adding roll-up screens to devices such as computers is not easy. However, LG could have found the perfect solution since, as the patent explains, the question would be add a curve to the screen as it stretches, that, due to its curious shape, once extended it would become rigid and “autonomous”.

And what is the goal of having a laptop with this type of screen? Between things, the patent abstract indicates the following:

“It is a portable device with a roll-up display structure. […] In this way the size and weight of the product is reduced so that it is improves portability of portable electronic device.

Therefore, LG's goal is not only to create a unique product but also to create a really "portable" laptop. Many are the users who carry their equipment daily from work to home or from home to university, so offering a compact and lightweight device is the current objective of the brands.