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Kodular, create applications for Android without knowing programming

The tools that allow users without too much technical knowledge to start creating applications for smartphones and tablets or web pages are nothing new, but in recent times the proposals are increasingly sophisticated and allow generating more and more robust and quality products.

In that sense, we already talked about Bubble, a startup that allowed, in a very simple way and without requiring programming knowledge, to create web pages. Something similar but with applications for the Android operating system is looking for Kodular, whose creators already have experience, as it is an evolution of Makeroid, a platform based on MIT's App Inventor that has recently changed its name.

Along with fellow foreign teenagers, Diego Barreiro, a young Spanish student, launched Makeroid. Now, under the name Kodular, it is a Dutch company, but the approach is the same as its predecessor. It stays as a free, closed-source service.

Creating applications with Kodular is as simple as dragging elements to a mobile interface

his operation is very simple, and is that creating applications only requires dragging "components"(the basic visual elements of any application, the interface) to a smartphone that has a blank screen. These components can be text boxes, or side or floating menu buttons. To understand all this, it is ideal to go through its pages help to beginners.

Kodular Io

The applications born from Kodular also have a nice appearance, because the components have the style of the Material Design guides. Some of these components are visible and allow interaction, while others, the invisible ones, take care of get data from devices, notify changes, etc.

How to create a mobile app without knowing how to program

The second part, and the one that gives meaning to these components are the "blocks", that is, the elements in charge of communicating to the components how to respond to stimuli and actions and events. The example they give on Kodular describes it well. What should the application do when the user clicks a button? What data should I have access to? The blocks take care of all this.

Kodular has a simple operation, but before starting the project it is better to look at the guides and have an app idea in mind

In the future, since App Inventor is working on it, from Kodular they want to support the creation of applications of the other great mobile operating system, iOS, which will make your proposal more interesting if possible, in order to launch a multiplatform application without knowledge of programming languages.