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"It's not fair or acceptable"

The Indian government stands up to WhatsApp and asks it to withdraw the changes to its privacy policy.

The great controversy generated by the new conditions of use of WhatsApp, which has even caused the messaging client to delay its application until May, has caused the government of India to decide to take action on the matter.

So much so that the Indian government has requested WhatsApp to reverse permanently and delete the changes made to your new privacy policy.

India stands up to WhatsApp

India stands up to WhatsApp's new privacy policy

Indian government asks WhatsApp to withdraw its new privacy policy

The new conditions of use of WhatsApp stipulate that if you do not share your data with Facebook, your account may be closed, something that would not apply in the European Union thanks to the Data Protection Law in force since 2018 but that would affect other countries in the world like India.

Android Authority ensures that the government of India has requested WhatsApp, through the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), to withdraw the changes made to its new privacy policy.

This Ministry has sent a letter to its own WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart, asking you to cancel the changes introduced in the new conditions of use of the application with statements as blunt as that "Any unilateral change in the WhatsApp Terms of Service and Privacy would not be fair and acceptable".

This letter was sent just one day after the Delhi High Court respond to a request indicating that the acceptance of the new WhatsApp privacy policy it was voluntary and that users could decide not to accept it.

This has caused WhatsApp to start Advertise in newspapers in India justifying changes to its new privacy policy but this is not enough for the Indian government that continues to request its definitive withdrawal.

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In the event that WhatsApp finally gives in to pressure from the Indian government and withdraws its new terms of use, this could establish a precedent never seen to date in the field of the technology industry in general and social networks in particular.