its developers will work on new projects within the social network

Since Spotify boosted its offer in this field following the purchase of Anchor and Gimlet in 2019, they have been numerous technology companies that have started to bet on podcasts, podcasters or podcasting tools.

Five days ago, another Silicon Valley giant jumped on this ship when Amazon, bought the Wondery podcast network (which will remain separate from Audible for now). And today Twitter announced the absorption of Breaker.

The Breaker team now wants to go "beyond traditional podcasting"

Breaker broke into the Google Play Store a little over a year ago with the promise of becoming the leading 'social podcasting' app. In other words, it was not content only to offer a good syndicator and podcast player, but also to explore the social dimension of podcasting.

But it could not be: the Twitter statement announced in addition to the acquisition, the imminent closure of Breaker and its withdrawal from the application stores on January 15.

The consumption of podcasts soars in Spain in 2020 with Spotify as the main protagonist, according to a report by Voxnest

The app developers team will join the Twitter staff to work on new projects linked to this social network. In the words of the now ex-CEO of Breaker, Erik Berlin,

"[El cierre de Breaker] will allow us to focus on erecting what comes next [...] We are inspired to go even further in reinventing how we communicate beyond traditional podcasts. "

Already before this move, Twitter had begun to experiment with audio tweets, but the incorporation of the Breaker team suggests something more ambitious and probably subscribable.