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It's 2021 and macOS still uses a Blue Screen of Death and CRT monitor to identify Windows 10 PCs

Something very common in homes and businesses is to use a local network to share files between computers connected to it. It is something that can be done with different protocols. In my case, I share files with Android phones, sometimes with iPhone and, above all, between Windows and macOS.

The surprise came when, after launching macOS Big Sur, I realized that Apple was still doing what it started in 2007: identifying Windows computers that share files on a network with a "derogatory" icon. This is the for some mythical CRT monitor that shows a blue screen of death.

A "joke" that was already disrespectful 14 years ago


You might think that 14 years ago, with the advent of Mac OS X Leopard, identifying a Windows XP or Windows Vista computer with a CRT monitor was not far-fetched. And yes, "tube" monitors were still used, as some remain today. However, the normal thing was that in any modern equipment TFT monitors were used.

Today, Apple has probably left it as a souvenir of that time. You have changed the icons throughout the system, but the CRT with the BSOD remains unchanged. It would be a detail on the part of those from Cupertino to update the icon, at least in the style of macOS Big Sur.

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Going deeper, since as we see in the capture of Leopard, Apple had icons for each computer, it would be very interesting that even if it did not have one for each computer with Windows, because it would be impossible, at least one representative of the current market was chosen, as per example a Surface or convertible for laptops, or even a gaming PC for desktop PCs.