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If you have a bad internet connection, you should take advantage of this offer

With this PLC we will have WiFi and cable coverage throughout the house for much less money.

Having a good connection at home is a necessity today, especially now that the coronavirus crisis makes being at home more important than ever, to the point that even telecommuting is becoming essential in recent months.

However and unfortunately, it is possible that in some corners of our houses we do not have an excellent internet connection. Either because the cable does not reach or simply because we are too far from the router. There are many solutions to this problem, such as wiring the entire house although unfortunately this is often not possible since either we live in the parents' house or we live directly for rent and the owner does not allow any work to be done.


WiFi networks surround us in our day to day, but sometimes the coverage fails.

However there is a much simpler solution and it is buy a Wi-Fi extender or what is the same a repeater. In this way, it does not matter where we are at home or at work, because we will always have a Wi-Fi connection.

Take advantage of this offer and have internet anywhere in your home

This extender that we bring you today is much more interesting than other similar products. Its installation is very simple since we only have to insert it into a plug and use a computer to configure it and pair it with our Wi-Fi network. The point is that this extender not only acts as a Wi-Fi repeater but also allows us to connect directly to the internet by cable thanks to its two ethernet slots. That is, it is a mix between a Wi-Fi repeater and a PLC.

But be careful because it is about two Gigabit Ethernet ports with what thanks to this device we will be able to achieve a high internet speed, 1000 megabits per second of performance compared to about 100 of Fast Ethernet. In summary, if we have high-speed fiber in our home, we will achieve maximum speed.

Best of all is its price. Because we can find this device in PcComponentes with a discount of up to 32%. Its official price is 79.99 euros, so if we buy it right now, only It will cost us 53.99 euros.

As we have said before, installing wiring at home is the best option to have the best internet quality but it is not always possible. So if we have internet problems at home and we want to achieve the best quality without spending a lot of money and especially without doing any type of work, a Wi-Fi extender like this is our best option.