If you did not like the Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha, you better not see these patents

Xiaomi registers two forms of smartphones with wraparound screens. Will they become real?

Do you remember the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha that the Chinese firm presented back in 2019? This consisted of a screen that literally surrounded the entire phone except for a rear strip that covered the camera.

Xiaomi assured in its presentation that would launch limited units of the Mi Mix Alpha, but time has passed and, to date, we have not heard more about it.

It seems that the company gave up on that particular model of futuristic smartphone, but he hasn't quite thrown in the towel on this. And it is that Xiaomi returns to surprise us once again registering a very strange patent which looks a lot like the Mi Mix Alpha.

New smartphone prototype with wraparound screen

Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha

The Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha was a revolution at the time of its presentation.

A few weeks ago we already showed you how far Xiaomi's ingenuity could go, since the brand registered a patent of a smartphone with a pop-up camera. This also had a surround screen that was reminiscent in certain aspects of the Mi Mix Alpha.

Today we bring you a new chapter of this saga. As published by our colleagues from LetsGoDigital, Xiaomi presented the documentation to register two designs of smartphones with a wraparound screen and these would be added to the already mentioned terminal with a pop-up camera.

xiaomi patent surround screen via letsgodigital

Xiaomi patent for a phone with a wraparound screen. Via LetsGoDigital.

Speaking of the new mobiles, in one of them the screen wraps from top to bottom. On the Mi Mix Alpha I did it from left to right. That device has a horizontal frame in which the cameras (four) and a double LED flash are sheltered.

As can be seen in the image that accompanies the patent, there is no type of connector, so we would talk about wireless charging and complete management with the panels, since there are no power or volume buttons. The shape of the edges is more oval.

For the second patent, Xiaomi dispenses with a camera and flash, and the edges return to a more rounded shape. Nor is there any other aspect within the patent that indicates the inclusion of buttons, although in this case the fact that the flash is not included makes us think that they can be added later. We can't forget that it is a non-final representation.

patent 2 xiaomi surround screen

Second patent filed by Xiaomi for a smartphone with a wraparound screen. Via LetsGoDigital.

Despite having registered these patents, common sense invites us to think that Xiaomi will not launch any terminal of this type at least in the short term. The Mi Mix Alpha experiment never really saw the light, and that was presented in society like any other mobile of the firm.

On the other hand, our most adventurous part you want to see all of this come true sooner rather than later. We cannot deny the appeal of having a smartphone with these peculiarities in your hands. Either way, we'll have to wait.