how to use the mobile in the car and not be fined

New rules to try to eradicate mobile phone use while driving by 2021 ... If you didn't know them, read well and be careful!

Obviously always it is dangerous to use your mobile while driving, because this bad habit not only reduces our attention on the road, but can lead to tragic consequences in the form of run-ups or accidents that, obviously also, we know that nobody wants to have it despite everything.

Be that as it may, many people continue to use the phone behind the wheel to call, search for destinations in the navigator, change music or even reply to messages while driving, something that the DGT has been pursuing for a long time to eradicate it from our roads and avoid most of the distractions of late.

And so, the course 2021 will bring new regulations of the General Directorate of Traffic that Europa Press told us a few days ago, so that this mix of cars, bicycles and other personal mobility vehicles together with mobile devices, It does not lead to more distractions or more accidents caused by using the mobile at the wheel.

Using the mobile in the car

Using the mobile in the car, one of the great dangers while driving.

2021 will toughen penalties for using mobile devices, but this will not be considered reckless driving

The first thing you should bear in mind is that actually being hunted with your phone in hand while driving will now be much worse in terms of penalties, but It will not be done by equating the improper use of the mobile phone with reckless driving when it comes to "Different offenses" for Pere Navarro, general director of Traffic and in charge of presenting the new bill.

To date, this sanction included the loss of 4 points in addition to the 200 euros of rigor, increasing this point deduction in 2021 of our driving licenses up to 6 points without a priori changes in the amount of money. The penalty for reckless driving will continue to be considered very serious, keeping the penalties at 500 euros and the subtraction of 6 points.

It is also detailed by the DGT that if the smartphone is placed on the dashboard, in an approved holding device, It will not carry a penalty as long as it is not manipulated while driving, although they continue to advise that to use it in case of extreme need, we stop the car in a safe area beforehand.

Cecotec Scooter

Signing up for a new more Eco mobility, yes, but with maximum security.

Mandatory insurance for scooters and personal mobility vehicles, yes or no?

Talking about electric scooters, electric bicycles and all kinds of personal mobility vehicles that are invading cities at a dizzying pace, from the DGT they specify that a first regulation of these vehicles is already being studied, and that a debate with city councils to advance towards more homogeneous regulations and well detailed that cover all the assumptions.

Details such as the need or not of compulsory insurance, something that is still to be clarified although it does not worry for now, since many home insurances begin to include clauses for this type of claims in personal vehicles among its conditions. Pere Navarro says that "The Insurance Compensation Consortium could take over if the facts are properly credited" and the person responsible fled or did not have policies against which to open the dispute.

In addition, the need to take a road safety and awareness course such as those taught in countries like Germany, although in this case the DGT would require the collaboration of the municipalities to articulate it. Even these courses could be included in school curricula of subjects such as physical education as they do in Portugal.

Mobile phone holder for bicycle

If you go by bike, you must hold the mobile well and you will not be able to use headphones either.

All types of radar detectors are prohibited, and also headphones in all types of vehicles

Continuing with new standards related to technology, the Traffic Director tells us that all types of radar detectors will continue to be prohibited that are used to avoid being reported, differentiating well what a warning is -a device that many cars incorporate and that indicate by means of audible alarms the position of a radar- what is a detector, which is nothing more than a device that could allow to evade the complaint for speeding.

The use of the latter devices, which can detect and even inhibit emitted waves by a cinemometer, it will continue to be considered a very serious sanction, which carries the 6-point subtraction and a penalty of up to 6,000 euros depending on the type of device installed.

In addition, there is also talk of the extended use of headphones on the road when we use personal mobility vehicles, something that is expressly prohibited in the highway code and that it will extend said prohibition not only to motorcycles and bicycles, but also to electric scooters and any other type of vehicle.

On the highway no type of headphones can be used in any type of vehicle, although the General Directorate of Traffic confirms that it is studying one of the most bitter requests of motorists, who ask for the homologation of some kind of internal intercom on the helmets to be able to communicate safely.

According to the DGT, this is already on the table and could be approved before the end of this year, 2021, without specifying more specific dates ... We will be attentive in any case to changes in the traffic regulations, because we will surely have more news in the coming weeks or months!