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How to turn off the screen with double press if you have a Samsung Galaxy with One UI 3.0

With the latest update of the Samsung Galaxy to One UI 3.0, mobiles not only gain Android 11, but also some extra function. As the double tap off screen, an option that is surely welcome for all those who already have the double tap to turn on the phone. And it is very easy to configure.

With the use of gestures we have been integrating routines for using the phone that little by little they were forgetting the buttons. This has made mobile navigation using physical buttons disappear; first by virtual buttons and then by gestures. In addition, by means of convenient actions, the use of the power button can also be supplemented, as with double pressing. And finally the Samsung Galaxy include it in One U 3.0, both to turn on the screen and to turn it off.

Two taps on the desktop to turn off the screen

Off Screen Double Touch

The gesture is extremely comfortable for those who are already used to using their Samsung smartphone by gestures. And it is appreciated that with One UI 3.0 and Android 11 Samsung has completed the double tap with the screen off, an option that, inexplicably, was not available. Yes, you have to activate it, a process that involves a few steps.

We tested One UI 3.0 on Android 11: this is the latest update of the Samsung Galaxy

To turn off the screen of your Samsung Galaxy (only with One UI 3.0) double-clicking on the desktop you have to do the following:

  • Enter the settings of your Samsung Galaxy and go to the section 'Advanced functions'.

  • Go into 'Movement and gestures'.

  • Activate the option 'Double press turns off screen'. From that moment you can turn off your Samsung Galaxy with a double tap.

  • To be in line we recommend you also turn on the 'Double press turns on screen'. So you can turn on the phone without pressing the button: just press twice on the screen.

Off Screen Double Touch

The activation of the gesture does not imply an extra expenditure of energy. With it you gain in comfort: to turn off the screen you will only have to press twice on the panel, always on an empty desk space. When you internalize the gesture, you are sure not to press the power button again; preventing you from wearing the button.