How to subscribe to Google Play Pass, and benefits

The Google Pass service has arrived in Spain. These are the steps to follow to complete a subscription and enjoy its benefits.

Video games on mobile devices are a reality that is becoming more solid every day. For this reason, large companies such as Manzana and Google They are not letting this move go by and are betting on this increasingly dominant market.

We already saw it with the arrival of Apple Arcade, where the manufacturer of the bitten apple gave users access to a series of totally exclusive titles of the platform just by paying one monthly subscription.

How to subscribe to Google Play Pass and all the advantages it offers

How to subscribe to Google Play Pass, and all the advantages it offers

In this case, Google did not want to be left out of the game and also launched its access system called Google Play Pass and after so much waiting finally in July 2020 has arrived in Spain and little by little it will spread to other places. If you want to know everything about this service, price and how you can subscribe, keep reading this article.

What is Google Play Pass?

Google Play Pass is a service by monthly subscription that allows you to access a collection of videogames and applications within the store for Android devices. However, the main difference from its namesake Apple arcade, is not based on exclusive titles, but from many acquaintances and other totally new.

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Google Play Pass, benefits, prices and more

At the moment, the catalog has hundreds of apps available. However, it is in total growth, since new launches of both applications and games will arrive every month.

All the benefits of the service

Surely you wonder if by subscribing to Google Play Pass you will get advantages or Benefits, the fact is that yes and there are several. For example:

All the benefits of the service

Main advantages of subscribing to Google Play Pass

  • With oneself Google Play Pass subscription you can share access to the catalog up to 5 members of your family group that you have configured in your Google account.
  • While it does not offer exclusive games, it does provide full access to titles and apps most popular without paying for them and without advertising. In other words, it would be like buying a game or enjoying a paid App, without having bought them directly.
  • For new subscribers, there will be the possibility of a free trial and a lower introductory price monthly, although there will also be the possibility of annual plans according to the user's preferences.

How to subscribe to Google Play Pass

If you are interested in Google Play Pass and you want to get a subscription, the process is very simple.

  • On your Android mobile device or tablet, go to the App Google Play Store.
  • Then go to Menu> Play Pass> "Start free trial" or "Subscribe", depending on your case.
  • Once the process is complete, press the option "To subscribe" to end.
  • Ready! You would already be enjoying Google Play Pass and all its advantages.
How to subscribe to Google Play Pass

Subscribing to the service is very easy. Follow the steps and enjoy the platform

To share your subscription with your family members, simply enough:

  • Go to the home page of Google Play Pass.
  • Select the section "Manage family" and there follow the steps to add some member with which you want to share the subscription.

As explained Google, the process of payment will be made at the end of the free trialTherefore, if the user does not wish to continue using the service, he or she must simply cancel it before the expiration of the period, since otherwise the account will be charged.

If you want to unsubscribe, simply go to the Google Play Store section "Subscriptions> Google Play Pass" and there you choose "Cancel subscription".

As you can see, this is an interesting bet by Google to provide users with access to games and payment applications in a simpler way and through a subscription for only 4.99 euros per month or annual in which you can enjoy a 50% discount to the total amount that is equal to 29.99 euros per year. Do you think it is worth it? Let us know your opinion about it.

Now, if you want to know all the games and applications available in Google Play Pass, take a look at this complete and updated list.

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