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How to send error reports if our Samsung mobile fails from the Samsung Members application

It may be that in some situation you have run into a failure in the operation of the phone. The alarms go off and the first thing that comes to mind is a visit to technical service. But this is only the last step, and before we find other less aggressive options. General options to all models that in the case of Samsung they are complemented by sending error reports or remote assistance.

A way to inform, remote assistance add-on, when we observe any failure regarding the general operation of the terminal. A process in which we are going to use the Samsung Members app, which is already preloaded, in which we will execute all the steps.

So you can generate a bug report


With Samsung Members, users can from request remote assistance from an expert, to submit bug reports. An app where there is also access to the most frequently asked questions related to your phone.

How to know if your Samsung Galaxy works correctly with the 'Interactive checks'

In the case of having to send error reports, what you should do is enter "Samsung Members" and scroll down to click on the button "Help" at the bottom of the screen.


Once you look inside, we slide up to see more options and we look at the section "Bug reports" inside the box "Post comments...".


We will see on a screen the most frequently asked questions regarding our model and in the lower area, different aspects of the operation of our mobile. There let's search and click on the one that interests us, the reason for the problem.


In the new window we must write the error in detail, but also, we must select how often the error repeats which can be "Once", "often" and "sometimes".



In the upper area, a clip indicates that in addition, we can send attachments to give more information. It can be an image, a screenshot, or an audio file. At that point we can only click on send to conclude the process and send the error report.