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how to schedule sending a message

While we wait for Google Chat to replace Hangouts we see as its application to send messages (SMS, MMS) and chat (RCS), Google Messages, receives an important function that we have been waiting for months.

At the end of last year, Google started activating message scheduling in its messaging app, but until now this new feature wasn't available to everyone. Latest update of Google Messages already allows us schedule sending of a message.

This is how the sending of a message is programmed

Now with Google Message we can schedule a message to be sent later, a feature that is very useful when we have to send a message as a reminder to a person at a specific time and we do not want to be aware of the clock, or get up early.

How to read and reply to messages with the Google Assistant

Google Schedule Message

To schedule the shipment we just have to write the message and press and hold send button. The window will be displayed Schedule shipping with different predefined times and the option to manually choose the Date and Time.

When selecting a time, the icon of a clock will appear on the button to send the message, indicating that the sending will be programmed after pressing it.

Google Schedule Message

Once the scheduled message has been sent, it will appear in the conversation in color and blue background next to the schedule icon. By pressing on the schedule icon we can modify the message, send it now or delete it.