How to reserve your Clubhouse username

Reserve your name at Clubhouse and secure your position on this exclusive social network.

Clubhouse is an exclusive social network that works as a round table in which audio sales are created where you can talk about anything as long as it is related to the selected topic of the room. Although it already has about a million active users, there is still a lot of ignorance about this platform. For this same reason, today we will explain how to reserve your Clubhouse username.

Clubhouse's privacy is striking, because You can only enter through personalized invitations. Each user of the social network has two invitations that they can use after creating their profile and filling in the necessary data. As you must be imagining, this is a great attraction that the application has at the moment.

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So you can reserve your Clubhouse username

clubhouse reserve name

Clubhouse reserve name

Although you currently need an invite to access the Clubhouse, there is a waiting list that you can sign up to to gain access to the platform. To do so, you only have to reserve your username on this exclusive social network.

It is also necessary to emphasize that although you only have two invitations, when you spend them you can invite people who are on the waiting list and are part of your mobile contacts. If they give you an invitation, just put your phone number to access the social network. But if you are going to create a profile, you can do it by importing your Twitter account or entering the information manually.

At this time, Clubhouse is an exclusive app that is not available to everyone. Well today can only be found and downloaded in the Apple App Store. eye! If you have an Android device, all is not lost, there is something you can do to become part of the Clubhouse.

Club House

Do you have an Android smartphone in your possession and want to join Clubhouse as soon as possible? So the best you can do is reserve the name using an iPhone. Why? Because although at the moment it can only be used on iOS, it is supposed that it will also come out for Android at some point.

In the event that you do not have an iPhone, ** you will have to borrow one from a friend so that you can carry out this process **. Just go to the official Clubhouse website so you can download the application from the App Store and reserve your name once and for all. Then, when it is available for Android, you can use the app on your mobile with the username you reserved from the apple device.

Clubhouse app

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And you, will you take an iPhone and do what it takes to reserve your name at the Clubhouse? Let us know your opinion in the comments!