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How to put animated wallpapers on MIUI 11

Make the most of your Xiaomi and install animated wallpapers with MIUI 11.

MIUI, Xiaomi's powerful customization layer, offers a ton of features that many don't even imagine. Without a doubt, this means that the phones of the popular Asian brand can offer a luxurious experience. For this same reason, today we will explain how to put animated wallpapers on MIUI 11. After you figure out how to do it, you can use saved videos to spice up the look of your device.

The process you must do to put the animated wallpapers on your Xiaomi is quite simple. Of course, we can not assure you that it works in all versions of the ROM. Why? Why this post is based on tests carried out with a Xiaomi Redmi 7A running the latest version of MIUI 11. In addition, it is necessary to highlight that the format of the videos must be .MP4.

miui 11 live wallpapers

MIUI 11 live wallpapers

This is how animated wallpapers are put on MIUI 11

put animated video miui 11

Put animated video MIUI 11

  • Download the video you want to set as an animated background and save it in your photo gallery. In this case we use a video of a family reunion, but you You can choose the one you want as long as it is in .MP4 format.
  • Open your gallery, locate the video in question and open it with confidence.
  • Click the options button "(...)" found on the bottom toolbar.
  • Choose the option "Set Video Background".
  • Press "Apply" and choose where you want your animated video to appear (lock screen, home screen or both).

It is done! That's all you have to do to put animated backgrounds on a Xiaomi with MIUI. You have realized? Is about a very easy process that takes place in seconds. As you must be imagining, the most time-consuming thing is choosing a good video to put as your wallpaper.

miui 11

And if your mobile does not yet have this version of the customization layer, better take a look at this article that explains in detail how to update your old Xiaomi to MIUI 11. After you have your device duly updated, you can enjoy this and all the benefits MIUI 11. Get the most out of your Xiaomi!

Want to get to know this version of MIUI to the fullest? Then check what are the 11 best news of MIUI 11 according to Xiaomi. Taking into account what the previous version of this Android customization layer was like, it could be said that MIUI 11 represents a great software evolution for the popular Chinese company. If you have MIUI 11 on your device, try to make the most of it with each of its interesting functions.

Whatever Xiaomi you have in your possession, you can be sure that its customization layer will allow you to live a quality Android experience. The more control you have over it, the more things you can do with your smartphone!