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how to know what it costs you each day of the cold wave before receiving the bill

The average cost of electricity the highest in the history of Spain at the worst possible moment (which also explains it): a huge cold wave. So, the price of the electricity bill for January will almost certainly skyrocket in all homes.

Therefore, from Genbeta we want to help you that you can predict almost day by day how much you are consuming in kilowatts and in euros, to get an idea of ​​how high the final amount that your electricity company will indicate will be. To do this, we will use the websites of the distributors that we talk about in this article. It is advisable to read it to better understand the difference between marketers and distributors.

The website of your distributor gives you data on your consumption almost day by day

With those tweets from the consulting firm Ingebau we can locate which is the distributor that corresponds to us. If you are Andalusian, like me, most of the prices correspond to Endesa Distribución, even if your marketer is, for example, Iberdrola or HolaLuz. Thus, we leave you the websites where you can register to get the data that we are going to use in the article.

The normal thing is that for the registration they ask for data of the contract holder such as address, ID, etc.. Once all the documentation has been delivered, they have to validate it. At that moment, we will finally be able to access our consumption data.

In my case, since I only have access to one house with Endesa Distribución, I will explain how to obtain the daily consumption data with this distributor, but all tend to offer export to .csv files, which are the ones we will work with.


Endesa's distributor website once we have logged in.

Once we have started the session on the website of our distributor, we will have to look for an option similar to that of 'Your consumption' on the top website. By clicking on it, it explains that "here you can view the graphical representation of your load curves for the selected period. You will also be able to download consumption data and, where appropriate, self-consumed energy or discharged into the grid".

In the following image, we can see how to define the days for which we want to obtain consumption data. In the case of Endesa Distribución, I can see the consumption up to the previous day. At the time of writing this, I can see up to yesterday's data, which was when the sharp rise in the price of electricity began.

Light rise

If we go to the bottom of the web, we have the option of 'Download .CSV consumptions'of the days we have chosen. If you are interested, you can download data for the whole year to see how your evolution has been.

What to do with the data obtained

In my case, I have been using the website for months. Once I upload the .csv file obtained from my distributor's website, it is able to calculate with almost 100% accuracy the amounts of my electricity company's bill.

So, I analyze how the month has gone even before the invoice arrives, which usually takes a few days to generate. To give you an idea of ​​the precision, the total amount of the November-December invoice was 50.66 euros, while the website reported that it would be 50.61 euros. That is, only five cents of difference.


The first thing we will have to do is select the data of our contract well. The type (if it has the highly recommended PVPC rate or not, if it has hourly discrimination or not), the contracted power (3.45 kW, 5.5 kW, etc.), if we have any type of discount and the type of meter of our House. Below, in the box of 'Your consumption history', we will have to upload the .csv file that we have downloaded from our website.

Why it is much more profitable for everyone to have a discriminated electricity rate

Then it is interesting to choose precisely between which dates to calculate. To calculate how much the energy consumed costs us on a specific day, we will have to display the option of 'Ccalculate the invoice of a certain date ', and choose the period to analyze.

Of course, if we want to analyze a single day, the first date will have to be the day we choose, and the second, the next day. Thus, to analyze the data for January 6, you would have to choose 'From date 2021-01-06' to date '2021-01-07', and only the first one would contemplate what was consumed.

Consumption 7

My average daily consumption is usually 1.5 euros a day. With yesterday's rise, without a crazy consumption, I will have to pay 3.09 for a day.

Keep in mind that, every time we make a change, we will have to re-upload the .csv file, as the page loses it with each update. If we do not upload it, it will give an error and will not show data. In my case, having analyzed yesterday's data, I am already aware of the madness of prices that we are paying. According to my bills, my average is usually 1.5 euros. Yesterday, with a high consumption but not at all crazy (13 kW), with my current plan, the amount rose to 3.09 euros, since I consumed 8 kWh at 0.19 cents in expensive hours.

Screenshot 2021 01 08 At 13 56 48

In that capture we can see that the web tells us what energy has cost us with our current plan, and what it would not have cost with another. In my case, right now the PVPC rate is penalizing me, but since February I have saved an average of 15 euros per month.