How to know the data that Google collects about you to show you ads from your mobile

We are going to show you how you can know everything Google thinks it knows about you in order to segment its ads. The search engine constantly monitors your navigation, data that you enter in its services and everything it has at its disposal to show ads that, in its opinion, are of interest to you (so that you click and continue generating money to Google and advertisers ).

From the phone we can have access to the data that Google knows (and thinks it knows) about you, being able to delete or modify them to make ad personalization more accurate, or directly disable such ad personalization.

What Google knows (and thinks it knows about you) to show you ads

Customize Ads

According to your data, activity on the web, time of day, information that you have provided to Google and its advertisers and dozens of data that you leave on the web, you are shown one type of ad or another. Have you ever wondered what profile Google has drawn on you? From the adssettings section we can know everything Google has taken on you.

We just have to scroll down to see the list of data that Google has about us. In my case, has been correct to a large extent, although we have detected that this list of interests varies a lot as we consume Google services. Without going any further, while I was writing this post they gave me a video about basketball (a sport that neither interests me nor have I played in my life), and when I opened the adssettings page again, basketball appeared as an interest.

This profile is updated every time you do a new search, new interests are detected, you give an information to an advertiser, etc.

In other words, Google collects data about what you do on the web to draw and improve your profile. He has fully hit my phone company, age range, operating systems I use, work sector and some interests, such as photography, pets, video games and others.

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If you want to remove any of the interests that Google shows us, you just have to click on it. In my case, as an example, I am going to eliminate interest in basketball, so I click on it and click 'deactivate'. This will prevent ads related to this topic from showing.

How does Google know this data and what to do if I don't want it to have it

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As we anticipated, Google collects information about you, as well as third parties can provide information about your activity. For example, Google knows that I use Pepephone "because of the information that I provided to the advertiser and that he provided to Google." It also uses Google activity data to know that I have a partner, it knows my age because I have provided it when I opened a Google account, and it shows that I have no children because "my activity is similar to that of other users who have indicated that they belong to this category. "

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If you don't want that data to be used to personalize ads, you have to disable such ad personalization, from the adssettings page itself. In the same way, it is convenient to deactivate the data of Google My Activity so that you are not tracked (so much) on the web.