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How to fix Android Auto problems in MIUI

Android Auto not working on MIUI? This may be the solution.

We all know that there is the premise of "Do not use your mobile while driving" And it is for a clear reason, which we already know in great detail. However, this does not dictate that there are alternatives to control the mobile device from your vehicle.

This is where Android Auto comes in, a functionality that allows use your mobile device while in your car through a simple, intuitive and distraction-free interface, providing access to only those applications that may be considered important for driving, such as the GPS.

However, despite having a very stable operation, like any application it can have its flaws, especially if your smartphone is a Xiaomi and has the MIUI customization layer.

How to fix Android Auto problems in MIUI

How to fix Android Auto problems in MIUI

Precisely, today we will tell you What are the most common mistakes that can be presented and their solution, so that you do not have to think about it any more and enjoy the best experience linking your mobile with your car.

How to fix Android Auto problems in MIUI

The first thing to keep in mind is that Google It is not very detailed regarding errors that occur during device pairing. Even so, do not lose your calm, here we tell you each of these faults and their possible solutions.

An error has occurred in Android Auto

Surely at some point a message appeared on the screen telling you that "An error has occurred. It seems that Google Play Services does not work at the moment " right when you start the Android Auto app.

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If it hasn't happened to you, you are lucky. In the same way, we tell you how you can solve it in case in the future you must act. Clearly the problem is related to Google services, so we must go directly to this section to solve it. For it:

  • Go to "Settings> Options> Show system applications" or show all applications.
  • Then go to where you are Google Play services and click on it.
  • Now, you must clear all data and clear cache.
An error has occurred in Android Auto

If Google Play Services does not work this may be the solution

  • After performing these steps, everything should work perfectly.

Android Auto has encountered an error 16

Have you ever had a message that says "Communication error 16. There seems to be a problem"? If it has happened to you, we will tell you that the whole problem is related to dual apps.

That's right, all those apps that you have dual on your mobile device should be discarded, yes, those that have been created with the option of MIUI. But you don't have to worry, as there is another solution to clone your apps.

  • The first thing you have to do is go to "Settings> Applications> Dual Applications".
  • Once you are in this section, you must disable all apps that have this feature.
  • Then, press the cogwheel-shaped icon located at the top right of your screen and select "Delete and restart". From this point on, Android Auto it should work fine with your mobile.
Android Auto has encountered an error 16

Communication error 16 in synchronization

Now how do you do with dual apps what did you have before? Unfortunately you will not be able to use the MIUI native functionsince, as you may have noticed, it conflicts with Android Auto.

To do this, you must install a third-party application that is of your preference directly from the Google Play Store and that it complies with this action. For example, we can recommend Parallel Clone, since its operation is very simple, safe and stable.

Android Auto has encountered an error 8

This error has been increasing recently among users to the point of becoming a headache. The solution? Update Google services. To do this, you must install this application on your mobile, run it and it will automatically look for all the necessary updates. Once it finds something new, it will ask for the required permits to start the update.

Android Auto does not connect

Is the Android Auto app giving you a lot of connection problems? We bring you two possible solutions. The first is related to one of the bugs that we discussed earlier, so you should go to "Settings> Applications> Android Auto" and clear all data and cache.

Android Auto does not connect

Solution in case Android Auto has connection problems

Now, if the error persists, then you should use APKMirror to download one latest version of Android Auto in .APK format and install it again on your device. Of course, make sure to uninstall the previous version.

Now that you know the Most common Android Auto errors in MIUI With its solutions, you will be able to link your device with your vehicle and enjoy this functionality. Of course, always in a responsible way. If you are interested, you can see in detail the version of Android Auto for mobile phones and its improvements.