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How to download Signal for Android and keep it updated

Do you want to give WhatsApp or Telegram a break? Then install Signal on your Android.

Although it is not so popular, Signal is an instant messaging application that can take over from WhatsApp or Telegram. In addition, we are talking about an open source tool whose code is on GitHub (both Android, iOS and desktop). For this same reason, today we will explain how to download Signal for Android and keep it updated.

If you were looking for an alternative for your usual messaging app, then you came to the right place. After you install Signal on your mobile, you can use this tool to communicate with your people instantly.

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How to download Signal on Android

Today, millions of people use Signal every day to communicate from anywhere in the world without spending a penny. Signal allows you to receive Hi-fi messaging, video calling, and exploring ever-developing features to help you connect. It's also worth noting that Signal's advanced technology is dedicated to protecting your privacy, so you can share the moments that matter to you with the people you care about without worry.

Signal is free and you can get it through Google Play or by downloading the APK. Whichever way you want to install this tool on your phone, you can be sure that it will be a simple process.

Download on Google Play

signal google play

Download Signal on Google Play

If you want to download Signal on Google Play, then press the button below these lines.

Download Signal APK

If you don't want to get the app from Google Play and you just want install the Signal APK on your phone, then download it from the button below.

You have realized? Downloading Signal is easy, whatever route you choose. Install it when you decide to take over from Telegram or WhatsApp!

How to update Signal to the latest version

Making sure the version of Signal you have on your Android is the most current is also a piece of cake. You can do this process automatically or manually, it all depends on your preferences.


Set automatic Signal updates and your other applications.

automatically update play store

Update apps automatically with Play Store

  • Opens Google Play Store.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Touch Update apps automatically.
  • Select an option: Automatically update apps on any network or Automatically update apps over Wi-Fi only.


Look for the most recent version of the application from the official website from Signal or go directly to the Signal page in the Play Store for your Android. If there is a new version available, you will see the option to update. Select update and open Signal.

It is done! That is what you must do to keep the Signal application properly updated on your device.

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