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How to create folders in Telegram to organize all your chats

Perhaps Telegram is not the most used instant messaging app in the world at the moment, but it is certainly one of the most versatile that we can find, and perhaps that is why it does not stop gaining followers with each publication of its usage figures. . One of its most useful functions, if we are heavy users, is the one that allows us categorize chats into folders. Classification for the most addicted that we can do in a simple way.

The classification of chats in folders came to Telegram in its version 6.0 and since then we can organize groups of chats, so that everything is more orderly and locatable because we can also combine this practice with the archive of unused or very old chats. We are going to show you how to do it in a simple way so that you can delve into a very neat practice to maintain control over your app.

How to classify Telegram chats into folders

Folders in Telegram work in a certain way like labels in gmail: they allow you to categorize the chats so that some chats are included in one of these folders instead of having to search for the chat that interests you in an endless list, as happens in the vast majority of messaging applications.

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Telegram folders are fully customizable, so that you you can choose which chats are included in each one, as well as the name of said folder. Folders are not exclusive, so chats that are included in one can also be included in another. To start using folders, you must first activate them. In Telegram for Android, the version that concerns us now, we will have to open the 'hamburger' menu, the famous menu ☰ and enter the section of Settings. Once inside, we locate and access a new menu, that of Folders.

We have already located the settings section in which the folders are created so we are going to create one. The process is simple and begins by clicking on Create a new folder, and at that moment Telegram will ask us for the name of the table. Fear not because the name may be changed a thousand times in the future.

We create a folder, name it and choose which chats will be saved inside.

With the folder already created, we only need to choose which chats we already have open we are going to include in the newly formed folder. Thus, we click on Add chats for Telegram to show us a list with selection boxes. We only need to decide, one by one, the chats to classify.

Once we have selected all the chats that we will archive, we will click on save so that the folder already appears as active in our application and we can use it normally. The folders will be placed at the top of the chats and will function as nested menus, so it won't take us more than a couple of minutes to get familiar with the new structure. Ready, there is no more, you can repeat this process as many times as you want to completely classify your Telegram.