How to change DNS in Windows 10

The DNS or Domain Name System, are one of the most important parts of all events that occur so that we can surf the Internet. They are in charge of doing the work of answering network requests and translating them to an IP address so that your device can connect to a simple address that you can remember, such as instead of a series of numbers for each site.

The usual thing is that your Internet service provider configures its own DNS on your router, but that does not mean that you cannot change the DNS to the ones of your preference. Doing so can bring you benefits both in security and privacy, it can help you bypass blocks to sites that have been limited through DNS, or even access the Internet at all if your operator's DNS is failing.

Configure DNS in Windows 10

If you want to change your DNS, you can do it at the level of the device you are browsing with, and if in this case it is a Windows 10 computer, the process is relatively simple. There are many free and public DNS options that we can use, but for this example, we will use the famous from Cloudflare.

Adapter Options

  • Open the System configuration pressing Windows key + I

  • Choose Network and Internet

  • In the section State Choose Change adapter options

Network Features

  • In the control panel window that will open you should see your network listed. Right click on it and select Properties.

  • In the small pop-up window look for the option "Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4), select by clicking on it and then click on Properties.

The best public DNS to accelerate your speed and improve your Internet security


  • Finally, in the Properties window, within the General tab, navigate to the end and check the box Use the following DNS server addresses.

  • In the drawer that says Preferred DNS server you will write (you only have to enter the '1', the points are by default)

  • In the drawer that says Alternative DNS Server you just have to enter

  • Click Accept