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How to activate the simple mode of One UI on the Samsung Galaxy and what it is for

The One UI layer of Samsung mobiles can be made simpler to simplify the user experience. It is perfect for those who need a larger size of all the elements of the screen, also for facilitate the use of people with less knowledge of technology.

It may like a lot, little or be indifferent, but there is no doubt that One UI, the custom layer that Samsung incorporates to its mobile phones and tablets, adds a huge amount of possibilities to Google's Android. It even allows you to turn your smartphone into a more minimalist phone: the one in charge of achieving this is the simple mode. This mode is perfect to facilitate the use of the smartphone. And, as the name dictates, it is also very easy to activate.

Simplify the interface of the Samsung Galaxy with the simple mode

Easy Mode Samsung Galaxy Simple mode increases the size of texts and icons

For those who want a smaller Samsung Galaxy, for the elderly who do not need all the extra options that the smartphone offers or for those who have some vision difficulties, for example: the simple mode allows the interface to be made more minimalist while enlarge the icons and texts. Everything to gain visibility.

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The simple way It is included in all Samsung Galaxy with One UI: If you have a mobile from this brand, you probably already have this mode. To activate it, you only need to perform the following steps:

  • Go to the settings of your mobile.

  • Enter the screen options.

  • Find the option 'Simple mode' and activate it with its selector.

Easy Mode Samsung Galaxy

After activation, all the texts become larger, the icons increase in size, the keyboard increases in contrast (as long as the Samsung keyboard has been chosen) and the time required for the mobile to recognize a long press is extended (This time can be customized in the simple mode menu). Additionally, One UI adds a desktop on the left where you can add frequent contacts. So you just have to click on them to call them.

The simple mode makes all the elements of the phone bigger and with just one step. This makes it much easier to read a WhatsApp message or see which app represents each icon, for example

The simple mode increases the visibility of all the elements on the screen, but before activating it you must bear in mind that you will have to customize the desktops again (activating the mode deletes folders and shortcuts). Reverting from simple mode to 'normal' mode all desktop customizations are restored.