How to activate MIUI dark mode on mobiles that do not have the option

Activate the dark mode on your Xiaomi no matter what its version of MIUI is.

It is not a secret that many people around the world enjoy putting dark mode on their phones. However, not all Xiaomi devices are compatible with this interesting function. For this same reason, today we will explain how to activate MIUI dark mode on mobiles that do not have the option. Whatever device of the popular Chinese brand you have in your possession, you will be able to enjoy the benefits that this functionality offers.

We warn you in advance that the process is easy, but that you must pay close attention to each step you take. When you do, you will have the possibility to activate the dark mode on Xiaomi phones that do not have this option, such as the Pocophone F1, which in the stable version will not be available until you update to MIUI 11.

dark mode on miui

How to activate dark mode on devices without visible option

  • The first thing you should do is go to the "Settings" from your mobile.
miui dark mode

Put dark mode on MIUI

  • Enter the section "About of the phone" and press repeatedly where it says the version of MIUI until a message appears telling you that the developer options have already been activated.
  • Go to the main screen of the "Settings of your mobile" and enter the "Additional settings".
  • Scroll down until you find the new “Developer options ".
  • When you are in the developer options, look for the option "USB debugging" so that you activate it by waiting the 5 seconds it asks for and pressing accept. Then do the same with "USB Debugging (Security Settings)".
  • At this point you should take your computer with the ADB tool. In the event that you don't have it installed, you can quickly download it from the button below these lines.
  • When the download is complete, unzip the .zip file and open the command console where the adb.exe file is, then connect your smartphone to the computer.
  • To verify that everything is correct, enter the command "Adb devices" on the console.
  • If you have done everything correctly, A device with a code will appear in the list.
  • Then you will have to type the following command in the console: "Adb shell settings put secure ui_night_mode 2".

Restart your device and you're done, You will have already activated the dark mode! If you want to disable it, all you have to do is use the following command: "Adb shell settings put secure ui_night_mode 1". As you have surely noticed, it is a simple process as long as you know what are the specific steps you must do to activate MIUI dark mode on mobiles that do not have the option.

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