Almost 10 years after its launch, about 200,000 people still use a Xiaomi Mi 2

historic 20% drop in sales

The ever-bullish Chinese market has also suffered a 2020 of ups and downs, registering notable declines to confirm a downward trend that continued into December.

It has already passed and although the beginning of 2021 has also been quite entertaining, the truth is that This new year will have it easy to overcome a convulsive 2020 which left us the first drop in the mobile industry in fifteen years with huge ups and downs in sales figures and Always bullish markets like China are also in recession if we talk about the number of mobile phones sold.

In fact, the information is not trivial as it was told by GizmoChina following the lead of Reuters, which in turn echoed a report from the Chinese government itself in which a drop of more than 20% in smartphone deliveries during financial year 2020, compared to the previous year 2019.

The data was collected by the China Academy of Information and Communications (CAICT), and its experts estimate 296 million mobile units sold in 2020, for the 372 million units that were shipped in 2019 in its giant market. The reduction is therefore significant, 20.4% to be exact.

Android in China

The mobile market in the Asian giant also suffered in 2020 from the pandemic.

Everyone in China is worried about a dismal 2020, except Apple

This confirms a contraction trend in China mobile market, motivated in part by the coronavirus pandemic that originated in its borders, being obviously the first country to confine itself, in addition to the problems arising from supply chains and the drop in customer demand.

There is also talk of a saturation process in their markets, with a noticeable increase in terminal retention periods before upgrading to new models, somewhat also attributable to the lack of news and that Apple managed to alleviate at the end of the year by joining the 5G trend that is already a trend in China.

Going more in detail, it is possible to see how Huawei has continued its unstoppable growth despite the pandemic, but the first months of 2020 were bad for all local manufacturers, including giants like OPPO, Vivo or Xiaomi. And all this despite the fact that Chinese retailers expected 5G to boost sales Nonetheless.

This slowdown in the Chinese market in 2020 has probably also been helped by the Trump administration's veto of a good number of Chinese companies, approving trade restrictions that have almost completely paralyzed Huawei's activities outside the country, affecting even the local supply by not being able to access a continuous supply of chips and other technologies registered in the United States.

As we mentioned, Apple is in luck with 20% of Compartir in the Chinese market for the first time in its history, but the mobile industry fell 12.8% year-on-year in December, delivering a total of 25.2 million smartphones to users in China, noting that the pothole has not yet passed ... It remains to be seen how it evolves, but now it is explained that many firms have gone to India as a priority market!