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Have you finished Attack on Titan? 5 alternatives that you can also see on Amazon Prime Video

If you love anime, here are some alternatives for you to enjoy in the Amazon Prime Video catalog in Spain.

Attack the titans is one of the best manga of the last decade in Japan and that, thanks to its anime adaptation, the series has been a resounding success worldwide. The story follows Eren jaeger who along with his friends joins the army to avenge the death of his mother and the destruction of his hometown at the hands of the fearsome Titans, however, everything will change when he realizes that he has the ability to become a titan.

The series has 4 seasons released and is available in the Amazon Prime Video catalog in Spain. Both the manga and the anime have been highly praised by both fans and specialized critics and thanks to their success, it has led to the launch of video game, OVES, spin-off in the manga and up to two live action movies. So if you're already finishing watching the last season of Attack the titans, here we leave you some alternatives with which you could delight yourself within the Amazon catalog in Spain.

attack on titan

One Punch-Man

The story of this anime focuses on the fictional metropolis of City Z in Japan where a series of disasters occur due to a large amount of monster, however, in this city there is a superhero called Saitama who is able to easily destroy all these monsters and seeks a real challenge that allows him to show the city of the great hero that he is.

  • Year: 2015.
  • Seasons: 2.
  • Episodes: 24.
  • Approximate duration: 25 minutes.

Death note

In this anime we follow the story of light Yagami a young student who ends up getting himself a black notebook called Death note that was lost by Ryuk, a God of Death. In this notebook, if you write the name of a person, he or she ends up dying, so Light, knowing the instructions and how the notebook works, starts a fight against criminals to have a better world. However, everything gets complicated when a detective begins to investigate the number of mass deaths that begin to occur.

  • Year: 2006.
  • Seasons: 1.
  • Episodes: 37.
  • Approximate duration: 25 minutes.

Nanatzu No Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins)

This anime tells the story of Elizabeth, the third princess of the kingdom of Britannia who goes in search of the Capitals sins who are actually a series of warriors to help him regain the kingdom that has been usurped by the Holy knights who were the King's Guard and end up murdering the King.

  • Year: 2015.
  • Seasons: 3.
  • Episodes: 72.
  • Approximate duration: 25 minutes.

My hero academia

Izuku Midoriya has a great desire to become a hero like his idol All-Might, that's why you decide to join one of the most prestigious hero academies like Yueiko where do you get what All-Might train him to develop his skills and become the great hero he has always wanted to be.

  • Year: 2016.
  • Seasons: 4.
  • Episodes: 88.
  • Approximate duration: 25 minutes.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Tells the story of Joseph and his grandson Jotaro who go in search of Dio to kill him in order to save the mother of Jotaro who has developed a mysterious power known as Stand and that due to the weakness of her mother's body she cannot bear it. On the way they will fight against other characters with Stand that Dio sent to finish off Joseph and Jotaro.

  • Year 2013.
  • Seasons: 4.
  • Episodes: 152.
  • Approximate duration: 25 minutes.
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