Google will relax the following to show you advertising ... but only on iPhones

Google is going to disable the tracking ID of its apps in iOS 14.

The latest version of Apple's mobile operating system, iOS 14, he brought with him a new monitoring transparency policy (ATT) and this regulation will cause Google be forced to relax tracking to show you advertising on iPhones.

Google will stop spying so aggressively on iPhone users

Google will stop spying so aggressively on iPhone users

Google bumps into Apple's privacy policy and has no choice but to back down

The monitoring transparency policy obliges applications to ask the user for authorization before collecting data for advertising purposes which is why, as they tell us in Hypertextual echoing an entry in Google's corporate blog, the Mountain View company has just announced that Your iOS apps will stop using the advertising identifier.

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Google has explained in its blog that by leaving this identifier, minimize ad metrics that drive conversionsThese being the installations and sales of applications. This will cause advertisers to receive less precise information about the number of times that, for example, an application promoted in an ad banner was installed.

The company led by Tim Cook is working to reduce the use of the advertising identifier in iOS applications to replace it with SKAdNetwork, an alternative to measure advertising campaigns that is more respectful of user privacy.

In this sense, Google has confirmed that they are already working so that both your applications and those of your developers are migrated to SKAdNetwork but on the other hand he keeps sending suggestions to Apple to get more accurate ad metrics on iOS 14.

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In the last weeks we are seeing how users are becoming aware of the need to protect their privacy, a good example is all the users who are switching to Signal after the announcement of the new conditions of use of WhatsApp, and this move by Apple sets a precedent for it can be a turning point for reduce Google's tracking of us through advertising.