Google Play Services prepares so you can track COVID-19 with your smart watch or bracelet

At the beginning of last December the Bluetooth SIG association published the first draft of the new specification Wearable Exposure Notification Service, in our language the notifications of exposure to COVID-19 in wearable devices.

This means that we will soon be able to track COVID-19 exposure directly from our bracelet or smart watch and not only through mobile, and Google has started to implement this support in Android.

Exposure notifications on wearables

Version 20.50.14 of Google Play Services hide references to the new exposure tracking in their source code through other other Bluetooth devices.

That your mobile already shows an option "notification of exposures to COVID-19" it's normal, Google and Apple are not "spying on us"

The text strings refer to the synchronization of our mobile with a compatible wearable and to what the phone will use that device to securely collect and share random IDs with other nearby devices.

This means that with the COVID-19 exposure notifications activated, we can leave the mobile phone at home or at the box office at work or gym and continue to carry out a exposure tracking with our bracelet or watch. By synchronizing the wearable with the mobile, it can notify us if we have been exposed. So if we do not carry the mobile with us, we will not stop tracking our exposure.

Wear OS and more devices are expected to support the new exposure notifications in the coming months. There are more than 130 partner companies of the Bluetooth association working to make them available as soon as possible.

Via | XDA-Developers