Google phone prepares to automatically record calls from strangers, according to the app code

Recording calls on Android has been more complicated than usual for some time, with Google itself bringing and removing support for this depending on the version of the system you are in. However, it seems that the Google Phone app has put the batteries and now a new service upgrade is being prepared.

If Pixel phones already had permission to re-record calls through the native app, and later this functionality ran to other brands such as Xiaomi and Nokia, now what Google proposes is automatic call recording. Automatic? Indeed. That we can activate that all calls are recorded automatically. Whose? Of the unknown numbers.

Automatic recording and local storage

It may seem like a no-brainer like a temple, but when we know the number calling us we know who is calling us. We know who is a more or less trustworthy contact and what the call may be about. But chen the number is unknown, a thousand and one situations can occur and some of them may be fraudulent.

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The upcoming feature in the Google Phone app can help us prevent this, however, by offering to record every call we receive from an unknown number. That is, from any phone number that does not appear on our agenda. So We can have a record of what happened during the call and decide later whether to delete it or not. A little coverage in case we suffer an attempt at a telephone scam, or simply if they are harassing us.

The recordings will be stored only on the phone and the app will notify both parties

The functionality has appeared in the app code in one of its latest updates, the one corresponding to version 59 of Google Phone. In it are detected several lines of code ready to be activated in the near future (We assume that they will not be finally dismissed) and that they will activate functions in the app options. And these options speak explicitly of allowing the automatic recording of unknown numbers to store the audios on the phone.

The functionality will not only take care of recording our incoming calls but also warn that if we are in any territory where it is required to notify both parties of the recording, the app will take care of it. In each call we can decide, however, if we want to accept this. Not only us, but also the person who calls us. If we receive a call and we do not accept, we will continue the call without recording. If the other person does not accept, the call will be automatically canceled.

Via | XDA Developers