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Google Maps will register the Covid-19 vaccination points to give results at the local level

The Searches for "vaccines near me" within the Google search engine have multiplied by five since the beginning of the year, according to Google's own data. With the aim of offering relevant answers locally, the Mountain View firm has announced that it is working on a database where it will display through Google Maps and in the search engine itself. the nearest vaccination sites for each user.

According to a statement signed by Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, “we will include details such as whether an appointment or referral is required, if access is limited to specific groups or information about customer service ”.

According to the information published today, the company will start with locations in the states of Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas, and then continue with the rest of the United States and then bring the service to more countries in the world. The same company has already brought another Covid service to various countries around the world, including Spain with its maps. It is the COVID-19 info layer that, when activated, allows the user know the average number of coronavirus cases in the last seven days per 100,000 people in a specific place (for example, the place where you would like to go on a trip) and a label informing whether the trend is up or down.

Data of places after the information of the vaccine brands in each region

This information that will arrive in the future follows another service of the company that began in December. At the end of 2020 Google began to report on which vaccine was the one that was available in each area, among all those developed: Moderna's vaccine; that of Pfizer and BioNTech; or that of Oxford and AstraZeneca, to give a few examples of those that are best known.

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Another of Google's initiatives, also announced in December, was to work to fight misinformation on its software platforms. Your data policies claim to ban health-related content that may be harmful or misleading to users. That includes phishing attempts, malware, dangerous conspiracy theories and fraud generally related to Covid-19, according to company information.

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The government of Spain also uses the Internet to provide information on vaccines

At the end of December, the Government of Spain set up an official website, named vaccinacovid.gob.es, with information about the coronavirus vaccine.

The objective is to answer the citizens' questions about the different stages, the priority groups and when it is time for each person to get vaccinated, more or less. The portal is updated as the process progresses.