Google Maps renews Street View with its new split screen view

With Street view, Google offers us millions of 360-degree panoramic images with which we can travel the streets and highways at street level in more than 130 countries. And now with the recent update of Google Maps for Android it will be more comfortable to explore the streets with this view.

Google Maps Street View launches a face lift in its mobile application adding an important novelty: the split screen.

This is the new Street View split screen

Since September 2019 we had no news in the integrated version of Street View in Google Maps. Fifteen months ago they added the Street View layer, which allowed us to discover which streets and roads we could see in their street-level view with panoramic photos. Now this Street View layer is merged into the new split screen view.

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Google Maps Street View

Now when we click on a map point and tap on its Street View we will no longer see its panoramic view in full screen. It will now appear in a split screen, showing at the top the panoramic view, with the option to view it in full screen, and in the top the Street View map layer

In this way, it is more comfortable to explore the panoramic views of an area, since it allows us to jump from one area to another by simply clicking on the street or point on the lower map. Before we had to leave the Street View to see the map again.

Maps - Navigation and public transport

Maps - Navigation and public transport

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