Google Keep adds 'Home' and 'Work' shortcuts to schedule your reminders

The notes and reminders app Google Keep It is updated almost every month, but for almost two years now, most of its updates have been limited to bug fixes and performance improvements. The last time we talked about their news was in May 2018 when the dark theme arrived.

After all this drought we see new characteristics as Google Keep finally receives news in its latest update, and they are related to its reminders.

New shortcuts to create reminders

Google Keep renew your reminder window to offer a new popup list full of suggestions, which will allow us to schedule a reminder in fewer steps.

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In previous versions you had to manually select the day, time and / or location in the reminders, but now it suggests different times of the day (morning, afternoon and night) in addition to the locations of our House and job.

Google Keep Home Work

Now tell Google Keep to remind us of a note when we get home or work it's as simple as pressing their respective shortcuts, as long as we have configured our addresses from Google Maps> Settings> Edit home or work.

Via | Android Police