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Google Home improves the linking of home automation devices with these two new functions

If you have configured a "smart" device compatible with the Google Assistant you have surely seen that the process of linking with Google Home not very intuitive or fast. After configuring the device from the manufacturer's application then you have to open the Google Home application, click on the 'Add' icon, then on 'Configure device', then on 'Works with Google', search and click on the service to link and continue the instructions on several more screens to finish the process.

Well, Google finally improves the linking process with the launch of two new functions that will help the user to configure your home automation devices with the Google Assistant in a much faster and easier way.

New suggestions and linking from the manufacturer's app


The Google Home team has introduced the new features to smart device developers and manufacturers Discovery App and Deep linking that they hope they will start to implement in their applications.

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Discovery App is a function that what it does is allow Google Home detect if the user has a home automation application installed, to show a suggestion that invites the user to connect or configure these devices with Google Home and the Google Assistant.

Google Home

The function Deep linking goes one step further and allows developers to add a shortcut to their applications so that the user can link your devices with the Google Assistant. So when you configure a new device from its official application, you can continue to link the Google Assistant without having to open Google Home.

Google Home 2

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